Warehouse 53 - Growing Up Album Review

I’d like to introduce Warehouse 53. A four-piece indie-rock band who formed at Glasgow University and comprises of Jon Tonge, Lewis Wiles, Conor O’Hare and Regan Kelly. They quickly realised as a mixture of Two Irishmen, an Englishman and a Scotsman that this harboured a unique creative environment and a blend of influences: and now we have the musical gift that is Warehouse 53.

Their latest single, ‘Growing Up’ was released on June 16th with Esplanade Records and is the perfect introduction to the bonus track titled ‘Carpathia’.

Hitting the road running, ‘Growing Up’ is rocky, catchy and it’s no surprise it has proven a popular favourite with their fans. The song comments on maturing emotionally and needing a change in surroundings to thrive and also is a love letter to Jon’s late father, who also appears on the album cover. I love the twang of the accent in the vocals, it appears to be more obvious than in ‘Carpathia’.

Bonus track ‘Carpathia’ is more of a sombre narrative ballad, explaining why it’s sometimes worth holding onto struggling relationships because as you know, they can work out in the end.

Give it a listen below:


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