WIINK present a homage to new beginnings in 'Northern Soul'

A song perfect to soundtrack your evening, a lockdown Saturday to be precise. I must admit I fell into a wormhole listening to 'Northern Soul', I later looked down and realised I had listened to the majority of WIINK's releases on Spotify.

Their latest release was written before the three left for University, 'Northern Soul' reflects on the time the trio spent in St Albans and embraces the new journey that is around the corner.

I was hooked from the opening of Northern Soul, and I have to say I love Seb's vocals. As he sings he expresses the three's thoughts, 'God only knows what's on the cards', and he is correct. Who does? Not only are his vocals authentic, but the lyrics are also. The chorus has to be my favourite part of the song, it's earworm worthy and will have you toe-tapping, 'Just remember by September, I'll be a Northern soul'. All of this goodness is encompassed in a rhythm section provided to us with Mackay's groovy bass lines and Casey's drumming.

A band which are truly an undiscovered gem and I will be keeping an eye out for new music!

Give them a listen here: https://open.spotify.com/track/1ACQEZRFI74do9Fu9AGZ66

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