Yard Arms – Isolation anthem ‘These Four Walls’ and Upcoming EP release ‘Sanctuary Lines’

Yard Arms, the Bristol-based duo you should have heard of. If not, where have you been? Noah and Billy have been tearing up the Bristol music scene since 2018 and are the perfect blend of indie, alternative and rock. Quick off the back of their successful single release ‘Mantra’, Yard Arms are offering a new EP entitled ‘Sanctuary Lines’ due for release on 26th June. Bursting with alt-indie hits set to soundtrack your summer. What else could we possibly want?

Oh wait, before the release of their EP, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy ‘These Four

Walls’ the accidental isolation anthem they never knew they had written, available for your listening from today. Perfect for a long drive where you can scream the words, or even bedroom listening – ‘These Four Walls’ captures your attention and continues to hold it long after the song has ended. You’ll find yourself browsing Spotify for their other releases, because Yard Arms will be a new favourite.

Initially, ‘These Four Walls’ was an avidly honest commentary of longing for the ‘honeymoon periods’ in life and dealing with our internal voices telling us the grass is always greener. But as you can imagine the lyrics took on a whole new meaning when the world around us gradually began to shut its doors due to coronavirus.

As mentioned, their third EP ‘Sanctuary Lines’ will be available from June 26th on all major streaming platforms. Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss it!

Described by frontman Noah Villenue as “an exploration of combating nostalgia in the modern age”, the EP will take you on a musical journey – from mid-80’s pop, to pound your chest emo anthems all the way through the heights of euphoric post-rock. Overall, ‘Sanctuary Lines’ was a privilege to listen to ahead of the release, and I cannot wait to see how much their fans love ‘Sanctuary Lines’.

In the meantime, listen to ‘These Four Walls’ below!


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