Yes Plant - Telephone

After the success of their latest single ‘K Cider’, Yes Plant are here with their first single 'Telephone' from their upcoming 2020 album.

The alternative electronic group features ambient artist Matthew Jameson at the helm. Some of the other artists include Tired Trace, Gulliver, and WiLL.

Whilst taking inspiration from a variety of genres; dance, noise pop and singer/songwriter ‘Telephone’ still keeps to its electronic roots. When the song began, I loved the beat – but as it progressed, I’m afraid to say the song didn’t appeal to me.

The song follows the story of a character spiraling into paranoia, due to believing they can hear the telephone operator breathing down the other end of the phone. But, Yes Plant say that as much as the song has a theme, equally, it is about nothing at all.

Click the link below and go and give it a listen. I'm sure this song will appeal to a certain crowd. With their unique sound, Yes Plant are certainly ones to watch and I for one am excited about their upcoming album. Boasting a combination of synth-pop, R&B, indie pop, and techno I truly believe there will be something for everyone.

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