Yvng Nova ft King Shaun – Care Package EP

A big name in Nigeria, Andrew Adeboye, better known for his stage name ‘Yvng Nova’ is an upcoming Nigerian rapper and record producer. I’ve previously reviewed Yvng Nova’s single ‘Insane’ before my separate venture to create The M Word and was impressed by his talents.

Now, he’s here with his four-track EP with King Shaun, called ‘Care Package’. On first listen it’s clear the duo are the perfect match; I can’t help but hear similarities to Wretch 32 or Wiz Khalifa.

The message behind the EP is incredibly selfless, according to Yvng Nova the title was inspired by wanting to give back to his day one supporters. He decided to do small generous things for people and sent some food to his fans, with a note calling it “my care package”.

Lasting at four minutes and twelve seconds precisely, The EP track list:

  1. Dream

  2. Heart Attack

  3. Stay (feat. Mytildah, CN & Ian)

  4. Phone (feat. Mytildah)

Despite having to work in their home studios separately due to Coronavirus, the pair have produced an EP which combines a range of sounds and genres, collectively cementing Yvng Nova and Prince Shaun as ones to watch out for in Nigeria and internationally.

Give ‘Care Package’ a listen below:


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