Zulu's latest glorious single 'Tether'

Liverpool’s dream-pop boys, ZULU is back with the release of their third glorious single entitled ‘Tether’. Their sound whilst distinctive in itself, is a combination of an array of genres, from psychedelic rock to synth-pop and shoegaze. Despite their first release being only a year ago, which was titled ‘How to Love’, the five-piece have quickly made a name for themselves. Not only have they accumulated over five thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone, but they have also supported Monks at O2 Academy in Liverpool.

Now, the latest release ‘tether’ continues the theme of 80’s synth nostalgia which is present in their previous music, whilst also containing ethereal choruses which will leave you in awe of ZULU. It’s the song you didn’t know you needed and now it’s finally here you won’t be able to get enough of it.

So, give it a listen below. And eagerly await their EP which will be out this autumn!


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